Developmenta has established a ‘Coaching Practice’ which brings together innovative, professional and inspirational Coaches, leading edge coaching packages and practical coaching processes designed in-house.

We also have a ‘Coach the Coach’ development programme – fully accredited delivered by our experienced coaches to produce internal capability.

Why would you use Coaching?

Firmly established as a ‘strategic investment’ by organisations who wish to
invest in their people on a number of levels and for numerous reasons:

  • Improving & sustaining high performance
  • Increasing output and contributions for those in lower quartiles of performance in an organisation
  • Help with managing teams (especially difficult ones),
  • Supporting the first 90 days in a new role
  • Handling stress at work, and achieving better work life balance
  • Help with personal branding
  • Jobs and leadership challenges are becoming more complex
  • Leadership feedback is always needed and is rarely received
  • During periods of change, effective leadership is essential driven by excellent coaching from Developmenta or training by our specialist ‘Coach the Coach’ team
  • Organisations use coaching to develop internal succession candidates and their talent pipeline, saving thousands of pounds in recruitment costs
  • Coaching is used to support key people in transition and provide outplacement during times of transformation and change
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