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At Developmenta we work with a wide range of organisations to develop their Leadership and Management capability through Coaching, Facilitation and a wide range of innovative Management & Leadership Programmes.

We focus on aligning all of our development or consulting work to the business needs of our clients and capture any themes or strands that can be fed back to help them keep abreast of the challenges the organisation faces.

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Our Consulting practice also focuses on the wider organisational challenges facing firms following a sustained period of uncertainty arising from drivers of change including Brexit, and the increasingly inconsistent behaviour of the administration in the US, meaning that businesses are keen to re-examine their international operations, and plan for worst case scenarios that may arise from such unpredictable variables.

We always work hand in hand with our clients, use their expert insight into the organisation and hope to bring a fresh pair of eyes and new thinking, to offer a different perspective and ultimately a bespoke and tailored solution.

The Entrepreneurial and Innovation Programme

In 2015 Accenture published research that concluded: “large companies risk losing $1.5 trillion in growth opportunities by not collaborating with more entrepreneurs and start-ups when developing new ideas.”

“Entrepreneurship” is frequently cited as a necessary attribute of every digital-era business leader, whether they are leading a global enterprise or a early-stage business; every C-suite executive is encouraged to develop a “start-up mentality”; corporations are meant to launch multiple business “experiments” and their own internal “incubator” programmes to develop promising ideas.

It makes good sense, and yet … corporate organisations fail to take advantage of these internal innovators by stifling entrepreneurship with outdated ways of working, systems and processes.

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State of Mind

Most individuals go to work each day to do a good job. They and their employers want this as it’s good for business, the culture of the organisation and individual. Yet the trend in job satisfaction data points to how most organisations ‘could do better’ or sometimes its much worse than that. Work, for many, is stress inducing, not a place to feel fulfilled by what they do.

Although there’s an assumption in some organisations and sectors, that stress and pressure push employees to perform more, better, and faster, there is a failure to recognise that there are substantial hidden costs incurred. The impact of work-related stress, depression or anxiety affects around 526,000 workers and costs UK industry 12.5 million working days*, which equates to around £26 billion pounds per year!**

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