State of Mind

Developmenta working with Associate Simon Berry and Pam Kingsland have created a business coaching methodology and programme called ‘State of Mind’ where leaders see the links between their mind-set, wellbeing and performance.

We suggest there are challenges with the way we think about developing leaders and teams. A key one being that many development programmes historically haven’t explicitly addressed ‘mind-sets’.

We do. They’re central to our work. We’ve seen how widely misunderstood they are, especially around what makes them fluctuate and how they impact wellbeing and performance. Many organisations and leaders say they struggle to address mind-set challenges.

Our aim is to help your people realise how simple and relatively small changes in how we understand the way the mind works, how we rationalise our thoughts and actions, leads to behavioural change that will make a significant difference to wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

*Source: Health & Safety Executive article published 2 Nov 2017 ** Source: Safety & Health Practitioner article published 9 Feb 2017.

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