The Entrepreneurial
and Innovation Programme

Developmenta working with Associate Steven Taylor have created a programme to develop ‘internal’ entrepreneurs, tapping into the pools of potential you have within your organisation.

Leaders in large companies often find there’s a big gap between the way they see things and an “entrepreneurial mind-set” or “start-up mentality”. Their decision to embrace this brave new world may not pan out – not because of bad business ideas, unworkable deals or poor execution – but because their way of thinking is just too far from how an entrepreneur approaches opportunities, risks and challenges.

Some people appear to be ‘born entrepreneurs’ – those school-age millionaires that always make the headlines. They’re the exceptions; most people become entrepreneurs, learn how to think entrepreneurially and be entrepreneurial – by doing it.

Do you want your people to be more entrepreneurial and innovative?

This is good news, because we can help your people develop new skills, perspectives, attitudes and behaviours that can be learned!
We have a programme to coach, mentor and facilitate on the ways we work with business leaders to help them understand how the entrepreneurial mind works and to enable them to acquire it’s key attributes and apply them effectively in a corporate environment.

This is an issue that’s no longer a buzzword or management fad; there’s a ‘entrepreneurial dividend’ that directly impacts the bottom line.
We think, you wouldn’t want your business to miss it.

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